Welcome to Southern Marvelous Global SMT smart EMS factory partner!

Southern Marvelous are specialists in the SMT/THT full line solution and supports most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT/AI comsumable spare parts, such like Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Universal,Yamaha,Siemens and Samsung

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Global SMT smart EMS factory partner

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Providing productivity enhancing solutions for the global Surface Mount electronic assembly sector

Southern Marvellous, which specializes in SMT machines and spare parts. Southern Marvelous has more than 20 years of experience in the electronics processing equipment industry. Customers all over the world, and win the trust and praise of customers. Long-term customers include NIT-TECH and Solucinde in Mexico, Kimball in US, Panasonic in Mexico, Samsung and Cliptechin Brazil.With the Southern Marvelous industry experience, philosophy and professional team, adhere to the “One-Stop Solution” belief to serve customers in the electronics processing industry, providing customers with cost-effective, high quality spare parts and equipment with stable performance from China, saving customers time And cost. truly one-stop solution services.

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Welcome to Shenzhen Southern Marvellous Sales and Service Co., Ltd.!

We are a company that specializes in providing one-stop production line assembly solutions for overseas SMT electronic manufacturers. Whether you need efficient production lines, high-quality equipment, or professional services and support, we can provide you with the best solutions.

As an experienced professional manufacturer, we not only have our own production base and team, but also cooperate with multiple internationally renowned brands to provide you with the best quality equipment and parts. We also actively participate in international exhibitions and industry exchange activities, constantly learning and researching new technologies to meet the different needs of customers.

Our team is composed of experienced professional technicians and enthusiastic and thoughtful after-sales service personnel, who can provide you with comprehensive services and support. Whether you need technical consultation, equipment maintenance, spare parts replacement or training, we can respond promptly and provide the best solutions.

Our goal is to become your most trustworthy partner and reliable service provider. We know the importance of production line assembly, so we will provide you with the best service with the greatest integrity, responsibility and effort. We believe that through our cooperation, you will be able to obtain the best products and services, and achieve faster, more efficient and sustainable production and development.

Please contact us for more information about us, and let us work together to contribute to your business growth and success!

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