Terminal insertion production line installed in US EMS factory

Terminal insertion production line installed in US EMS factory

Recently, Southern Marvelous cooperated with Mexican agents to successfully install the first terminal production line in the US factory, Let’s see the video of the Mexican agent on the factory site.

Machine Description

  • Automatic terminal insertion machine for the application of reeled pins, tabs/fastons, receptacles, and similar products into PCBS
  • Flexible and fullyautomatic insertion machine Available either as stand-alone unit or integrated into a production line
  • For mid and high-volume level production
  • Up to 4 insertion heads
  • English,Chinese Machine Menus
  • A Microsoft Windows Interface

Standard Features

  • Cylinder-driven base insertion head(6000CPH)
  • World-class reliability(1000ppm)
  • Freely programmable insertion angle(rotation having no influence on insertion rate)
  • Panasonic Servo Motors
  • Adjustable PCB support to provide production Flexibility
  • Lower support tool equipped with pin presence check
  • Clinching in lower tooling possible
  • Screen controlled by keyboard and mouse allowing simple programming
  • Manual PCB/panel loading
  • Optical Vision

-CAD Data Driven / Compatible

-Self-Teach Programming

-Excel Compatible

-Full-Screen Editor

-I/O Diagnostics

-Optical Insertion Hole Correction

-Multi-Level Password Security

Options for SM-8000T

  • Motor-driven base insertion head(15000CPH)
  • Conveyor, worktable automatic width adjustment
  • Customized MES solutions
  • Max number of base tools and insertion heads: 1/2/3/4
  • Inward clinching/Outward clinching/”N”
  • Touch screen
  • Optional Force Measurement Capability
  • Inline Conveyor (SMEMA Compatible)
  • Aspirators at Component Feed & Cut
  • Material volume bar code scanning
  • European Conformity “CE”

Application Industry

Home appliance industry

The car industry

The power industry

Other electronics industry: digital watches,electronic components, etc

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